Anne de Courcy is a well-known writer, journalist and book reviewer. In the 1970s she was Woman's Editor on the London Evening News until its demise in 1980, when she joined the Evening Standard as a columnist and feature-writer. Read Anne's Biography

Anne de Courcy vividly paints the events, social and political, of those times. This is a well-written, amusing and well-researched book.

Sunday Telegraph

Anne de Courcy has a riveting tale to tell and she does it with an ergomatic deftness that is enviable, not as a ‘once-upon-a-time' story but as a parable, a sober warning against the hideous lures of unbridled charm…..compelling book.

Literary Review

de Courcy's book gives an illuminating account of British politics between the wars and provides a measured, compelling account of an extraordinary life.

Daily Telegraph

Snowdon’s full co-operation with such a candid biography has allowed a commendably unvarnished portrait of a charismatic, contradictory individual to emerge.

Good Book Guide

De Courcy….maintains a robust even-handedness. The motives that drove him, she states, were work and sex, considering a may without either wasted; a neat summary borne out by the details of his current affair….

The Times

Funny, moving and inspiring, this will be a valuable addition to the many social histories already published about the Second World War.

Irish News